After A Mega Fight with Crawford Did Not Push Through, Pacquiao Reconsiders Mikey Garcia

Many have thought that something big is going to take place in boxing this year caused by rumors about a mega fight between Pacquiao and Crawford is close to getting a deal done. But then, all of a sudden, the hype is a bubble that bursts and leaves the world of boxing wondering why. Crawford promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotions has cited money issues that lead to the collapse of the Crawford-Pacquiao showdown.


Pacquiao has begun a light training in his home country Philippines, while potential opponents are still being sought. Among the list of opponents Pacquiao is considering facing next, it seems that Mikey Garcia is more likely to be chosen according to Pacquiao’s representatives.

Last year, the two initially agreed to a two-fight deal, but the pandemic has prevented it from happening. But now Mikey Garcia has resurfaced as Pacquiao’s top opponent and we can only hope it never fails this time. Pacquiao has been inactive in the ring for a long time and his last fight was when he fought and defeated Keith Thurman in July 2019. Names such as Conor McGregor, Crawford, Spence and Ryan Garcia, and more have been on the news as potential opponents for the Filipino pugilist. But none of them have successfully managed to deal a boxing match with Pacquiao.


Is Garcia the right opponent for Pacquiao? Would it ever happen this time, finally? Garcia’s not, for sure, a pushover fighter. And he longs for this fight to happen from day one. Or what do you think?

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