Mikey Garcia Says He Will Bet At Least $1 Million On Himself Against Pacquiao

Photos from AFP

If a fight between Mikey Garcia and Pacquiao takes place, the American welterweight contender says he is willing to bet at least $1 million on himself against the Filipino boxer and boxing’s only 8-division champion. Mikey Garcia is in the headlines when he is cited as one of Pacquiao’s next opponents, following a string of potential opponents who failed to get a title shot against the Filipino boxer, which has a high chance of happening in May 2021 .

$1 million might be just a minimum, but his range can go as high as $3 million to $5 million to bet on himself against Pacquiao. According to Forbes, Garcia had made $7 million in his last fight against Jessie Vargas, while Pacquiao had pocketed $10 million from the Thurman fight.

“My whole purse? No, but I’ll bet some money, I told you. I would probably bet a million,” Garcia said in a recent interview with Elie Seckbach on his ESNews Youtube channel, and which he later claimed that he would bet up to $2 million or more on himself.


“I’ve said it before. I never said my whole purse. I’m not that stupid. What if I hurt my hand or if I fell or something or something stupid like that? You never know. But if I get a big purse and I expect to get a good purse, I’m down to at least one million bucks.”

This bold statement by Garcia can be taken literally and figuratively. The key word is “gamble”. Getting a chance to fight Pacquiao is a risk worth taking, as well as a gamble he’s taking with his whole career. The million dollars wagered on himself may be his way to make headlines, generating a lot of interest for the fight to happen.

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