Will the Pacquiao-Crawford Showdown Finally Happen?

(Photo Credit: Mikey Williams / Top Rank)

If Pacquiao vs. Crawford happens, it will be huge for boxing. It will be massive. It will be a great fight. Pacquiao wants that fight. Crawford wants that fight, too. So what is stopping this from happening right now? One hurdle that is being cited is the $40 million price that Pacquiao is asking for. But we know that some investors are willing to pay just for this fight to take place.


So the ball is in promoter Bob Arum’s court, if we get it right with our analogy. The octogenarian veteran boxing promoter who has been in business for a long time knows very well where to take his business. So what about the Pacquiao-Crawford showdown that many are clamoring to see? What is his (as Top Rank’s CEO and who promotes WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford) view on this?

According to Bob Arum, Crawford is considering exploring two potential opponents for his next fight: Pacquiao and Porter. But Crawford, who expressed a deep interest in facing both fighters, would prefer a fight with Pacquiao. Porter, by the way, is Pacquiao’s former sparring partner and it looks like Crawford just wanted to deal with a fight that can bring him at least a big payday.


“Shawn’s father and trainer, Kenny Porter, came to our office two weeks ago to talk about a Crawford-Porter fight,” said Bob Arum in an interview with Barbershop Conversations. “And then out of nowhere came the idea of ​​a tremendous fee for the site, the possibility of making Pacquiao-Crawford. Obviously, it’s more money for Terence. Terence would prefer a Pacquiao fight than any other.”

Pacquiao is the main draw, and a fight with him can bring in a lot of income, which is worth the risk for many adventurous fighters in the sport. Plus, if Crawford can beat Pacquiao, it will cement his legacy as one of the best fighters in the sport. It will also position him as the leader in the sport and many great potential fights are waiting for him to select.

“Yeah, we’re going to see what happens, and this week we’ll find out if Pacquiao-Crawford can happen. If it doesn’t happen, given that Spence Jr. clearly doesn’t want to fight Crawford, I think Crawford-Porter would be a tremendous fight.”

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