3 Things to Ponder About the Month of Love and Flowers

February is considered by many people as the month of love and flowers, since the 14th of the month is declared as the day on which people remember or celebrate love. With two days to go before that special day, it is best to reflect on what this month of love and flowers can really mean for each couple and the state of the union they have achieved together over the years.

Are you the same couple again?

Couples should not be afraid of change. From the moment they got married, they were actually engaged to each other in a process as well. They will never be the same again from that moment on. They will never appear to be 30 when they hit eighty. The way they perceive love can also change. But it’s actually more mature, and it has depth and breadth in it compared to when they were just starting to plumb each other when they were much younger.

Never underestimate the power of kindness

It is easier to convey a little love through kindness. When you are kind, it not only has a direct effect on others, it can also affect your life in a positive way. Kindness is a way that you can show love to the other person. How to be nice is not that difficult to do. In fact, it comes as a surprise that the factors that seemingly make a happy union are actually so common and doable.

Are you learning to be more respectful and tolerant of your partner’s views?

Learning to respect and tolerate your partner’s opinions is one of the key factors for a happy and successful marriage. You have to be more patient with the differences that are forming between you and your partner. And while there are some issues that cannot be compromised, many arguments are really power struggles. Left unchecked, they will eventually lead to loss of confidence, bitterness, and decreased joy. What’s worse, it can lead to love getting cold.

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