Ryan Garcia Is Thinking of Retiring at 26 And Then Trying His Hand at MMA

One of today’s most promising boxing prospects, Ryan Garcia, apparently may have seen what his future would look like even at a young age of 22. In an interview with the “Rich Eisen Show,” Garcia revealed about his plan to retire from boxing at the age of 26. But he’s also not confirming that he will give up all combat sports, once he retires.


“I plan to retire at 26 years old. I don’t know officially, do I? I mean you’ve seen in the past that the fighters retired, they came back,” Garcia said. “This is what I will say, I still plan to retire at 26, however if I am going to return to the ring I will only fight people that people at that time say there is no way Ryan would beat him. That’s the only way I’m coming back.”

Garcia, who just beat his toughest opponent to date in the person of Luke Campbell on January 2, 2021 via a seventh round knockout, has an impressive and flawless boxing record of 21 wins, 18 out of which came by knockout. He has also revealed his willingness, when everything he had wished for with his boxing career went as planned, to try his hand at MMA or Mixed Martial Arts.


“If they say, ‘Okay, you’ve beaten everyone in the ring, haven’t you?’ But someone says, ‘This is not a real fight. The real fight is legs, suffocation, submission, all of that. ‘ Guess what I’m going to do? I will show them that I am the best fighter in the world,” said the California native Garcia. “I’m talking about hands, I’m talking about wrestling. I’m going to go to MMA to prove a point that God is the greatest and I’m going to beat whoever in MMA they say I won’t beat.”

And while many of Garcia’s plans remain to be seen, and if they ever come to fruition, he is determined to fight the best in MMA if and when he does move into that sport. “If it has to be Conor McGregor, I will. And I don’t say this to make money. Money does not matter to me. I say this because that’s how I feel.”

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