Tips On How to Grow Hanging Plants At Home

Growing ornamental plants (especially hanging plants) while under quarantine at home has become the trend in this pandemic-stricken 2020. Hanging plants come in many different forms and it is said that they can do something good for our well-being. And whether you’re a commercial plant grower or just a hobbyist, growing beautiful hanging plants can bring great rewards. The following are tips on how to grow hanging plants at home:

  • Grow hanging plants that are special. When we say special, it is because these plants can stand out above the usual ones. These plants can be those that use a new plant that is not commonly used as a hanging plant, or they can be an old variety but are exceptional for many reasons.
  • Not so large hanging plants should be grown in plastic pots and even bottles with hangers. You too can get more creative by turning discarded plastic mineral water bottles into container gardens and adding personal touches to each of them.
  • Make sure to grow your hanging plants under the proper light requirements. You have to know the light requirements of your plants because not all plants have the same requirement for a particular need. Some plants do well in deep shade, while others would love to have more sunlight. And here’s an important thing to consider too: don’t let the growing medium get too dry.
  • Some plants do not need baskets or pots. Instead of using baskets or pots, these plants can be attached to a tree fern slab or a tree trunk. The cultivation of staghorn ferns is the best example of this.
  • For hanging potted plants, you should use a growing medium that drains easily but retains a large amount of moisture at the same time. But how could this be possible? Plant experts have suggested mixing coco peat or coconut coir powder into the potting medium. But first you need to soak the coconut coir powder in clean water overnight to remove the tannin. It is also important to provide the growing medium with plenty of compost or organic fertilizer.

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