Teofimo Lopez Jr. Became the Undisputed World Lightweight Champion with A Unanimous Decision Victory Against Lomachenko

Teofimo Lopez Jr. was the underdog when he enters the ring to face master tactician Vasyl Lomachenko in a unification fight involving 4 championship belts in the lightweight division on Saturday, October 17. On the opposite side, Lomachenko enjoys the recognition of being the more favored of the two entering the fight.


Many boxing fans leaning toward Lomachenko also hope that the master tactician will teach the cheeky Lopez a boxing lesson that he won’t forget by handing him the first loss of his boxing career in a humiliating way. But after 12 grueling rounds of trading leathers with each other inside the ring, the judges have awarded Lopez a unanimous decision victory. However, it was a very close fight; it could have been a draw at some point.

But what has really happened? Has Lomachenko been exposed or was he just being overrated as a boxer? Well, based on our honest assessment of him regarding his fight against Lopez Jr., Lomachenko is indeed one of the best boxing tacticians we’ve seen. He’s like a small version of a vintage Ali.


After that fight, we realize that Lopez was special too. We just witnessed that within that lightweight Lopez structure, there is a Joe Frazier who can hit like a George Foreman. But Loma was too elusive and masterfully crafty, leaving Lopez finding the missing piece that can complete Loma’s puzzle during all 12 rounds.

What happened was that Lomachenko was testing the waters too long for Lopez. He only started stepping on the gas in round 7, but it was fine if he could score at least one knockdown until the twelfth round to secure a convincing victory.


In the championship rounds, Loma was able to show why he was considered the best as he takes the fight to a new level against a fading Lopez. It was really too close, but we have a strong feeling that it could have been a draw. Loma may have lost as decided, but the score was simply unacceptable when one of the judges scored 119-109 for Lopez. This fight needs a rematch, and a trilogy is very possible too.

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