Is Mayweather the Greatest Boxer of All Time As He Claims To Be?

Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. the greatest boxer of all time like he always says he is? And what about Ali, Robinson, Louis, and Marciano, to name just a few, other boxing greats who also gave the sport its glory days and even took it to a different level? How will Mayweather position himself if we are to compare the level of his accomplishments and as the torchbearer of the sport with them?

As for who is the greatest of all time in boxing, it is a highly debatable topic to address. Many boxing fans and analysts believed it was Ali. Ali was, and is, the face of boxing, and until someone comes along and rises to the level that he (Ali) has forged with every little facet of greatness that he was capable of, he will remain the greatest fighter of all time. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a great fighter, but not the greatest of all time as he claims to be. He is also a great defensive fighter comparable to Pernell Whitaker and Willie Pep.


But like we said, this topic is highly debatable, and Mayweather Jr. can affirm his claim. When Club Shay Shay interviewed him, the former pound-for-pound king explained why he should be considered the best in boxing. “Of all these guys in boxing history, I have accomplished more than any other boxer in boxing history,” said the the five division champion Mayweather Jr.

“How many world champions have Rocky Marciano beat? So we already know, I’ve beat more champions that’s going in the Hall of Fame than he beat in his career period. So we’re going to X him off. So he’s 49-0 and I’m 50-0.”

Mayweather Jr. also generated mixed reactions from boxing fans when he posted on social media (Twitter and Instagram) on Tuesday a list on that has him at the top of the list of the greatest of all time. Mayweather Jr. captioned his post on the boxrec list: “The numbers don’t lie and boxrec told the truth.”


On the boxrec’s GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) list, Pacquiao falls behind Mayweather Jr. at number 2. But Pacquiao’s personal advisor and US matchmaker Sean Gibbons told reporters during the Philippine Sportswriter Forum on Tuesday that “there is only one Manny Pacquaio and there is only one Manny Pacquiao who has accomplished what he has done in the history of boxing and that’s being an eight-time world champion.” Gibbons even put Pacquiao on the level of Sugar Ray Robinson and called them “two of the best fighters ever.”

“The senator has never turned a fight down. He may have lost a few along the way, but his 62-7 is higher than your 50-0,” said Gibbons about Pacquiao, who is also a senator from his home country, the Philippines. And then Gibbons has something to say about Mayweather’s flawless record: “I look at his bodywork and what he’s done. Floyd Mayweather Jr. can walk around with his 50-0 all day. Cherrypicked a few of those and I think he got beat early in his career by Jose Luis Castillo.”

But if there’s one thing we can all possibly agree on about Floyd Mayweather Jr., it’s that he’s the most technically skilled stylist ever. Mayweather Jr. may not be the all-time greatest in ring achievement, but we’ve never seen a boxer take the fewest punches in his entire career, except him. He is, indeed, the sweet science expert of his era.

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