A Rematch with Pacquiao Makes More Sense of A Fight Than Any Other Fighter Mayweather Might Face In His Comeback Fight

If there’s a fighter Mayweather should face next in his comeback fight, Pacquaio has to be at the top of the list. There’s a lot to see how Mayweather would get on against Pacman the second time around, and it sure would be very different from their first meeting. Fans would love to see two boxing greats put on a great show inside the ring again, and in case the score is even, a trilogy will serve as the Grand Finale.

And while their first encounter remains boxing’s most lucrative of all time, a second installment could even break that record. Why can’t matchmakers just make it happen, since we can see that a lot of good things can happen for boxing when these two fighters meet? It would be good for boxing. It would exalt, dignify, and promote boxing as a sport. It would also help businesses as you can imagine how much revenue it can generate for such a big fight.

There really is a need for the two of them to settle inside the ring. There’s an unfinished business for both of them to resolve, and that’s what makes their rematch, if it ever comes to fruition, more exciting to watch than the first. And we can add to the equation what Pacquiao has confessed about a pre-fight injury he suffered in their first encounter, which affected his performance during the actual fight.

The global pandemic has left boxing fans around the world clamoring for more blockbuster fights, and Mayweather-Pacquiao 2 can easily take it to that level. Perhaps the matchmakers are already preparing the ground for all of this to happen. Surely not within this year, but hopefully during the summer or fall of 2021.

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