Povetkin-Whyte 2, All Set for Nov. 21 In London

A rematch between Russian pugilist Alexander Povetkin (36-2-1, 25 КОs) and Dillian Whyte (27-2, 18 KOs) is a done deal that will take place on November 21 of this year. In their first meeting last month, British boxer Whyte was knocked out by Povetkin in the fifth round. That brutal knockout results in the issuance of a 28-day medical suspension for Whyte that expires on September 23.

For the rematch, Whyte will fight for the interim WBC heavyweight title and also for the mandatory position. During their first encounter, it was Whyte who dominated the fight and even knocked Povetkin down twice to the canvas in the fourth round until Povetkin managed to land a powerful uppercut in the fifth round that turned off the lights at Whyte in what was a devastating knockout loss.

The fight will take place in England, Whyte’s home country, in the city of London, and also behind closed doors as a precaution against the continued spread of covid-19. Povetkin and Whyte will fight without fans, unless there’s a significant change that could influence the UK government’s decision to allow fans to watch the fight on November 21 at that venue.

But many fans have already expressed their disinterest in the Povetkin-Whyte rematch. Whyte is getting his rematch with Povetkin only because a rematch clause is set in the contract. If Povetkin had lost that first meeting, he could never have a rematch with Whyte. What many fans would like Povetkin to face in the ring next, right now, is Tyson Fury. But at 40, can Povetkin be good enough to beat Fury, the same way he dismantled Whyte?

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