A Tszyu Vs. Crawford Showdown Will Be An Exciting Boxing Match

Jeff Horn (L) takes a punch from Terrence Crawford (R) in their June 2018 fight.

A showdown between Tim Tszyu and Terrence “the Bud” Crawford is not far from possible, considering the great performance each of them has shown against a common opponent in Jeff Horn. Tszyu won against Horn via an eight-round stoppage in Australia last Wednesday, in what was a spectacular display of a boxing masterclass he has assembled against a Pacquiao conqueror.


Crawford, on the other hand, not only dominated Horn, but showed the Australian boxer the apparent big difference in the level of their skills. Crawford scored a ninth round TKO for that fight. But Horn’s trainer, Glenn Rushton, was quite reluctant and even protested the premature stoppage of the fight. In a post-fight press conference, Rushton expressed how he sees it: “I thought there were some close rounds there, and it was definitely a premature stoppage. Pacquiao hit him harder.”

But is Tszyu on Crawford’s level too, if we’re going to base it on a single dominant win against a common opponent? In boxing, styles make fights. Tszyu’s fighting style can match Crawford’s and that would make for an exciting fight, even a great one. Or maybe Tszyu shouldn’t be in a rush, but consider making tune-up fights with other fighters before finally facing Crawford?

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