Pacquiao-Marquez 5 Won’t Come As A Surprise

Pacquiao (L) fought Marquez (R) four times, and all of those fights were classics.

A fifth Pacquiao showdown with Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez will not come as a surprise, even though the Mexican pugilist is not included on the list of who the Filipino champion would face at this point in his boxing career. These two brave ring warriors have been in rubber match fights four times, and Pacquiao was knocked unconscious in the sixth round of their fourth and final outing 8 years ago. Pacquiao was leading that fight and was about to knock out the Mexican whose legs began to shake, if it weren’t for the supersonic right-hand punch that Marquez threw in the dying seconds of the sixth round and sent Pacquiao into dreamland.

Their first meeting was in 2004 which ended in a controversial draw. Pacquiao dropped Marquez three times in the first round, but the Mexican managed to finish the entire 12-round fight to salvage a draw. Pacquiao won their second and third meetings, but still in controversial decisions. Marquez’s camp called out a foul after these bouts, and a fourth matchup between them must occur. When their fourth meeting was sealed, Marquez hired controversial strength and conditioning coach Angel “Memo” Heredia to give his training a boost.

All four fights they had were classics, but their trilogy was among the greatest in boxing history. If there is a fifth showdown between them, it will not be a surprise. A lot of people are much eager to see it happen than to watch some of today’s mediocre boxing matches.

Pacquiao and Marquez still have unfinished business to resolve, and a fifth meeting would somehow clear all doubts and suspicions that seem to never get away from them. Heredia’s presence at Marquez’s training camp in preparation for a fourth showdown with Pacquiao has raised some suspicions because some people have raised the strength and conditioning coach’s name in a negative way.

Pacquiao’s Hall of Famer coach Freddie Roach revealed in one of his past interviews that a fifth matchup between Pacquiao and Marquez should occur because he was convinced that the Mexican was only winning with a single punch. “It was just one punch, Manny was fighting a really good fight before that one punch, but we know it’s a possibility,” Roach said in his interview with BoxingScene.

As for Marquez, a fifth fight with Pacquiao is no longer needed. Pride and honor, according to him, is more important than money. “But I think honor and pride are worth much more than the millions of dollars they are willing to pay me,” Marquez said in one of his previous interviews. Marquez has been in the news once when he claimed he was offered $150 million to face Pacquiao for the fifth time.

Wouldn’t that huge sum of money be enough for Marquez to change his mind? If he accepts the offer of another showdown with Pacquiao, he’s doing the boxing world a huge favor. That’s a fight boxing fans have been clamoring to see in a long time. He will also have a chance to knock out Pacquiao again. Or does his reluctance to give Pacquiao another chance have something to do with his fear of losing?

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