Can Vasyl Lomachenko Beat Manny Pacquiao at 140 Pounds?

Lomachenko is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world today.

Ukrainian pugilist Lomachenko is one of the best lightweight fighters out there today. It’s fun to watch him fight inside the ring. His fighting style is a combination of finesse and boxing prowess, not to mention the graceful fluidity that seems so natural to him.


There’s a lot of talk, past and present, about him trying to fight Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. But in one of his interviews in the past, he has confirmed that he has no interest in facing Pacquiao in the ring. “Pacquiao’s old. I think his career is over,” he said. Pacquiao will turn 42 in December of this year, an age when a boxer should have enjoyed retirement, and Lomachenko doesn’t want to have to beat an old legend just to make his name shine. “Listen, I’m not disrespecting Manny Pacquiao, but I don’t want to make my name bigger because I beat an old legend,” he concluded.

But then it has been shown many times that, in boxing, statements can be changed and that there are fights that were made possible even when very few people thought they should. That we cannot rule out the fact of a possible Lomachenko-Pacquiao clash in the future. The big question is which weight division should these two fighters agree to fight in?


We can suggest a catch weight of 137 pounds. That’s perhaps the best weight these two boxers can agree to fight at. 140 pounds can also be the next best weight that they can both agree to fight at. But can Lomachenko beat Pacquiao at 140 pounds?

We are left with many questions to answer until these two best fighters in the world meet inside the ring. What we can do at this point is speculate with our best estimates on the outcome and hope this fight can go through. It would surely be a superfight, a huge one for boxing.

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