Conor MacGregor Is Hinting At His Twitter Message of A Possible Pacquiao Fight

MacGregor is a retired Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer.

Has McGregor just accepted an offer to fight Manny Pacquiao when he posted a message in Tagalog (Pacquiao’s mother tongue) on Twitter?

The Filipino boxing icon has greeted the Irish fighter on Twitter on his 32nd birthday. But MacGregor’s response fuels speculation, or was it his way of hinting at his willingness to come out of retirement and face the Filipino eight-division world champion?

“Thank you Emmanuel, 170,” was MacGregor’s response to Pacquiao’s birthday greeting on Twitter. And lately, MacGregor posted on Twitter what many believe is aimed at Pacquiao: “Tinatanggap ko (I accept).”

The “170” that MacGregor is posting seems to be a reference to the weight. But did we read it correctly, 170 pounds? That would take us to a little over the super middleweight class limit.

There’s no way Pacquiao can fight in that weight class, even if he is known to have moved up in weight divisions before.

Starting at a lighter weight during the early years of his boxing career, Pacquiao has managed to scale up to eight weight divisions, the only one to have done so in boxing history.

He has never fought higher than 154 pounds, but he is a force to be reckoned with at 147.

MacGregor may have shown interest in taking on Pacquiao, but he’s also making the fight unlikely by suggesting a much heavier weight that may be too much for the Filipino champion.

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