Will Terence Crawford Be the Next Manny Pacquiao Foe?

Eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao poses for the camera as boxing officials and a crowd of admirers watch him during weigh-in in one of his previous fights. Reigning WBO Welterweight World Champion Terence “Bud” Crawford has expressed his desire to fight the Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao in his next fight. “My next fight should…… Continue reading Will Terence Crawford Be the Next Manny Pacquiao Foe?

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If Life Begins at Forty

It was actually a song written in 1980 by John Lennon who turned 40 years old on that same year and as well as of his Beatles band mate Ringo Starr. Then there was also this American self-help book titled Life Begins at Forty written in 1932 by Walter B. Pitkin. The book, in an…… Continue reading If Life Begins at Forty

“The Sea Gypsy” By Richard Hovey

Richard Hovey (1864-1900). A gypsy is a member of a wandering tribe that can be found in many parts of Europe. The poem “Sea Gypsy” expresses a strong desire of the author to be sailing the seven seas. He has what gypsies have: wanderlust. Read the poem for its rhythm. Read its poignant expression of…… Continue reading “The Sea Gypsy” By Richard Hovey