Still Life with A Flower Vase

It grows and spread out quickly and the color may drift when no one is looking.

The rule is: to not be confused between seeing a particular thing from a particular point of time and finding something from what you saw out of that particular thing. Behind the lids, is a visual flow for us to make discovery with. Yet, if we’re looking from the same direction and cannot find what we would like to be seeing, the point is, nothing is violated.

It’s about time, if not most of the time, to fit our eyeglasses back into their case and feel the comfort of anticipating the improbable. We may decide whether it’s going to be poetry or not. It grows and spread out quickly though. It helps to read its physical description: “the colors may drift when no one is looking.” If we cannot find what we’re looking for in a picture, then, we have to invent it. Adorn it with whatever our mind is capable of creating.

This new found sensibility is nothing new for anyone who seeks. And anyone who seeks shall find. It will add substance to the already full-blown idea. To get lost for the sake of finding is to grow for what it is that captivates, pulling us into something to explore more.

So what’s with the flower vase? Observe, observe, observe. There’s more to it than meets the eye, and what kind of flower is that? We’re going to see it from an angle we could only imagine and make sure to distinguish it from the original.

The flower, in such a case as this one, is what will flash past and quickly disappear by which we have to document our source by indicating what we would rather see from what we would rather not. In real life, it’s all about striving for accuracy.  But here, in this internal tension of keen observing, it’s about peering at the diagram and to confuse it as close as possible to the abstract of the illustration to which it relates. The flower is the beauty we would like to create. And what begins in beauty, from our own point of view, ends with the same.

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