How to Be Faithful In A Relationship

Those who say they may never be tempted to cheat with others while in a relationship may not have fully understood the true nature of cheating. Temptation is a presence in this world, and we may have cheated our partner, in one way or another, without even realizing it ourselves. And if temptation is everywhere, how can we resist the temptation to cheat?

While cheating, to a certain extent, can be difficult to define, there are many ways in which we can cheat with our relationship partner. We cheat when we tell a lie, when we want the person of the opposite sex other than our own partner, when we flirt with others and engage in sexual conversations with them, when we engage in a specific type of contacts and share our most private thoughts and feelings with another person, when we get emotionally involved with another person, when we are having a sexual relationship with another person, and the list can continue.

Cheating is a decision, and it starts in the mind. Sure, it happens for a variety of reasons and in a variety of different ways, but it has to be decided, whether we give in to temptation or resist it. Some people would like to offer their weak explanations on the matter. For them, we can only cheat when we are not happy or satisfied with what we have. But, then, how can we not be happy or satisfied with things or a situation that we ourselves have chosen in the first place?

Whichever temptation we face at any time in our relationship, we must find the triggering factors that are shaking us to be in such a hot visceral state and focus on avoiding them. Doing so will allow us to overcome our temptations because we are in a way to avoid them before they have the opportunity to derail our plans. The more powerful the temptation, the stronger we must be to resist it.

One way to resist the temptation to cheat is to set some limits. We have to establish our limits and always try to never cross the line, since doing so can harm our relationship. Another equally important thing is to learn to avoid temptation. We should try to distance ourselves from the things that can only cause havoc in our relationship.

We must take into account the long-term consequences of cheating so that we can refrain from doing things that we will regret later. Of course, it is natural to be tempted. It is human to be weak. But it is a responsibility that we owe to ourselves, as well as our relationship partner, to resist the temptation to cheat.

We all face temptations at a certain point in our relationship. We face it every day, even in small things. But we can be faithful nonetheless. We only have to choose to decide to resist temptations.

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