The Most Important Thing In A Relationship

Is there anything more important than love in a relationship? If your answer is yes, then you agree with our thoughts on this. So read on and find out if we share exactly the same opinions for that matter. If your answer is no, because you think that love is the only important thing in a relationship, then we can suggest that it is more important for people to express their love in actions.


There are times when we are too sure that we believe that loving someone is the only reason we should have a relationship, we end up losing sight of what is really important. Of course, love, or shall we say “true love” is also very important. We can look for our true love and hope that we will find the only person who will make our life complete.

We can reach a point where we are too convinced to interpret true love as something that can only come from outside of us, but hardly from within ourselves. True love comes from within: it begins with us, flows through us, and ends with us. We can only find the love we are looking for if we have found it first within ourselves.

It is not love if the love we feel is just a will to possess, since true love has no interest in holding on to someone or something. It is effortless, something that flows freely and is as natural as possible. True love, therefore, is not about finding our fullness in another person, but about sharing the kind of love within us towards the other person so that together we can grow and develop more each day.


Most likely we will literally look at hundreds of relationships to develop in our lifetime, and we can still ask why some, if not many, of these marriages and relationships that we see in people, even the most promising ones, can end in breakups, when they are supposed to be the basis of a meaningful life, as well as our anchor amidst the uncertainties and difficulties of life with which we have come to believe.

We can begin to question ourselves about the true meaning of love. Is true love really possible? Or we can begin to doubt if everything is only in our heads. And there are those who can’t understand everything, can ask: “What am I doing wrong?”

Most likely we have not done anything wrong, except the fact that relationships do not just take care of themselves. And that’s where we have to work, in case we have not done what needs to be. We have to be completely committed, selfless, aware of ourselves, and willing to change and grow.

Sure, we can look for many things in a relationship, but we can summarize them in one thing. And that one thing that I consider most important in a relationship should be “respect”.


The most important thing in a relationship is respect. This is because, in a relationship, we can see respect as something that is simply more crucial than love. If we lack respect, we can simply ignore what the other person is trying to extend to us, since we believe that it really should not be taken seriously.

Respect is everything, and yet many of us do not realize its importance simply because we are delighted with the idea that love will take us forward, and that if we only love someone enough, there is nothing we can’t overcome in our relationship. Without respect, we can’t build trust and no relationship can prosper without trust. Like many things, respect must begin with us. So, in order to respect others, we must first respect and like ourselves.

Some of us may not see it, but the moment we begin to love and respect ourselves, it is easier for us to treat others with respect, as they return the favor by giving us the same respect we had for them. If we treat other people with respect, it will make them want to be kind to us. Imagine if we have the habit of treating people with the kind of respect they deserve to have all the time, we will not have to worry about whether we are doing the right thing or not.

We can never underestimate what respect can really do to make things easier, not only in human relationships, but also to solve many problems in different aspects of our lives. When we show respect for others, we are doing ways in which we can improve a positive outcome of any interaction. When we respect others, we definitely trust that they can handle the truth in the long term, allowing us to be open and honest.

Of course, love is important, but respect is the bond that unites us all in growth, beauty, and abundance, as we try to reach the depths of some of our most intimate relationships. It is a silent way in which we can express our feeling to the person or people who matter most to us. It is love in simple clothes, so to speak.

Maybe respect is what is lacking in most relationships, and it’s something that some of us do not even realize until now. I do not know if it’s just me, but of all the bad relationships I see in people towards others, some of which have ended miserably, may be due to the lack of respect in the relationship. A real relationship is the union of two imperfect people who treat each other with great respect, and that they learn to support each other’s choices, while they allow their relationship to grow.

Respect, therefore, is the most important thing in a relationship, apart from love. But is not love more important than anything else in a relationship? We can’t separate love, trust, and respect in a relationship since these three things are the pillars on which the relationship will be maintained. We can respect someone and not really love that person, but we can never love anyone without respecting them too.

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