A Tribute to Messengers of Courage, Hope, and Selfless Service In this Pandemic

We want to dedicate this short article as a tribute to the silent modern day heroes in the fight against coronavirus pandemic who have risked their lives (some of whom have contracted and succumbed to the disease and died while doing their jobs/making a difference) in a selfless service to their respective nations and to our world.

As the world faces uncertainty about how this coronavirus pandemic will end, some of us, if not most, are too curious to know what life would be like when we finally get over this COVID-19 scare. Will everything be the same again? Will we feel truly safe walking the streets again without worrying too much about anyone or anything that can jeopardize our health? Will we ever be free again like before?

There are so many questions that need to be answered while we wait and see in our homes what will come out of this contagion that has hit our lands. But, of course, we can see that something is not right ahead and there is a lot of work to be done to get everything back to normal. And yet we have something to worry about because of the new normal that is taking place.

When we read the news, we are apprehensive of the statistics presented because it could mean the life and death of those who contracted the disease. We fear the uncertain future. We are afraid for our children. We are afraid of how to handle this paranoia that has haunted us since the beginning of this plague.

Despite all this negativity and darkness engulfing the world today, we can also see burning lights of random people sending us a message of hope and encouragement. These people range from world leaders, medical and health workers, to volunteers, government and private employees, essential workers, poets, artists, writers, leaders, and even ordinary people. They showed us what it is like to be a good human being.

They all have one thing in common: selfless service. We call them all by a common name: “frontliners”. For poets, artists, and those who may not be physically present on the front line but who are still doing a great job in other ways, such as sharing positivity and encouragement through social media and other platforms, they can also be heroes.

We can see in each one of them the value of doing the right thing, at the right time. They have a lot to sacrifice and give up in getting the job done or making a difference. A big salute to all our modern day super heroes! We can’t be more thankful!

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