Understanding the Love that Connects With Who We Really Are

There is no way human beings can live without love. This is because, no matter how much we try to understand about the matter, we remain incomprehensible beings within ourselves, so that our lives will be meaningless if we do not experience love within ourselves and participate intimately in it. This type of love is pure and unconditional, and it is something that comes naturally to us every time we open ourselves to life, to others, and to ourselves.

The search for authentic love and communion can only be found in the truth of how we are designed to be. We are called to love in our unified totality, since what we have is something that transcends the physical to the supernatural of what we are capable of. Truth and love can never be without the other. We can’t accept anything as truth without love, just as we can’t accept anything as love if it lacks the truth.

Everything is connected. We are all connected to each other. We may be different from each other in many ways, and yet, if we try to look more deeply, we all have something in common, so that what connects us can be such that we become more sensitive to the processes that include us in the same system. We must, therefore, find ways of understanding the dynamic connection and unity of all things in such a way that we can relate to others, the natural world in an appropriate way, and to a Supreme Being. Yes, we have the ability to connect deeply with one another in an intimate relationship, and we will be surprised to discover how much those with whom we are in a relationship can teach us many things about themselves, including ourselves, and about the creative energy that unites us all.

We can’t simply take our understanding of love with respect to our intimate relationships with others and, at the same time, ignore the kind of love we should have understood about ourselves. To love ourselves is to find peace within ourselves. Loving ourselves is about our way of showing kindness without prejudice, present, and attentive to everything we experience. Loving ourselves is when we have empathy, as well as the unconditional positive consideration of everything we can experience within ourselves.

We can heal others of the wounds they have acquired throughout their lives, if we begin to heal first the wounds we have for ourselves. In most cases, for all of us, healing can occur within the context of meaningful relationships and we can do it through our interactions with those in whom we are in a relationship, in such a way that we can maintain the desirable qualities that we want to manifest in our relationships with them.

However, the healing we can acquire through our interaction with another person has two sides: either we heal ourselves or hurt us even more. That is why it is imperative that our interactions with others be as loving as possible, so that we can bathe ourselves and our various emotional parts in the same healing elements necessary for the empowerment of the relationships we so valued.

We can look inside ourselves and hear the crying of nature; witness how it reflects the fundamental truths so that we can make the most of our relationships. We must renew our relationship with nature because it is a way to connect with who we really are. And we can begin to believe that the warmth ignited in our hearts is not transferred to us by the other person, but it comes from embracing that little spark through which we handle from our limited form, allowing us to appreciate ourselves as the beautiful beings and bright in the midst of these darknesses.

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