When Times Are Tough and Dark, True Leaders Shine

It’s not that we lack leaders, but that we need more of the true ones. It’s not enough for leaders to be, as many of us think they are, charismatic, well-connected, influential, or wealthy. But they must be those who inspire out of love, not coercion. They must be those who view their work as a selfless service for a higher purpose.

Leaders are everywhere. We can see them in politicians who lead their constituents. We can see them in bosses who manage companies and businesses. We can see them in sports where a team captain is chosen and for any other team with their respective team leaders. We can even see them in any group of people where someone represents or directs the entire group.

In fact, leaders are not difficult to find and society has an abundant supply of them from time to time. But “true” leaders are, in fact, in this day and age, a rarity. Most of the time, we can easily identify true leaders in times of crisis or when things go wrong.

When times are tough and dark, true leaders shine. When challenges appear, they inspire and motivate their followers. They think of themselves as servants rather than having people serve them. They never back down or hide in times of conflict or difficulty. Instead, they head to ground zero and do something.

True leaders are responsive; they seek to understand what is really happening rather than what they want to see.  They value accountability by taking ownership of their failures and accept criticism for their mistakes. They take responsibility seriously because they know that leadership is not about power, but responsibility.

True leaders know that it’s not about them as leaders but about the relationship they can make with those they lead. They are the living example of their teachings.

Fake leaders, on the other hand, are good at pretending to care about their constituents or their teams. But, in reality, they only care about their personal gains, interests, and ego. They don’t really care about the people they are tasked to lead because they are internally focused and trapped in their own device.

Fake leaders are, in most cases, divisive. Their poor leadership can result in infighting, chaos, and discord. They can speak loudly and motivate their audience to expect results that will never occur.

Most of them are also morally corrupt. Morality is a critical factor in leadership. Without this all-important ingredient, what appears to be a powerful leadership scheme they have come up with often leads to disastrous results.

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